Name, Address and Phone no must be consistent across the web for Google Places

Nov 02 2011

When you set up a Google Places entry it is important that your Business Name, Address and Phone number (NAP) are consistent across the Web for a stable search listing.

Two users are having issues today because of lack of consistency.

One has had their Places entry data over written by old and incomplete data.  Google are sending out emails saying they are going to update your Places entry data because they think some web directory scraped entry is more up to date or accurate.  You need to keep a beady eye out on your emails as if you do not re-Submit your Places entry to show its what you want it in time will be updated.  During this process you can see two entries in Google Maps for a search by your Phone no.  Do not touch these but do the re-Submit or wait if you are happy with the update.

Another user is complaining of not appearing on the search result page 1 for her Category and Zip Code.  I missed her for Category and location name as on page 2 or 3 for the searches I tried.  Looking at her Places entry the name and description were well spammy so if edited now likely to be put into Pending Review.  My fellow pointed out her various different names on her web site and out on the web will reduce her trust and ranking with google.  Also a flashy website not going to do too well on web phones and may thwart the search engine bots trying to crawl round.

So check out your Places entry and ask, ‘Does it look spammy’, does your website match up, Use Hcard and to help the search engine bots, and is all your web directory content a good match?

My Google Places Blueprint ebook is not only a good resource for new entries but a ‘health check’ for an existing entry.  A new version is due out soon.

Cheers.  Andrew.

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