How to make a post in the Google Places Help Forum

Aug 05 2011

When you make a post in the Google and Your Business Help Forum about support for your Google Places for Business entry or Places search result listing, Google+ Local, and want a reply we need the following information Cut and Pasted from your Places Edit screen, no where else, back to your post in the Help Forum, not here please.
Business Name or Title
Phone nos
Additional Details

Or do a screen shot of the summary on the right.

Are you a Service Area business? If you work from home or a unit which is not a retail store have you hidden your address?  Google do not want mobile phone users wasting a trip to your location.

My +Local Business page:

Cheers. Andrew Huskinson B.Sc. MBCS C.Eng CITP

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  • John H says:

    I think it is funny that google created this mess and now there help forums are making money on there oversight. This is cruel that google can not or will not get this fixed. They did not even send anything out warning to what was coming down so people could make changes. Now we have people extorting money for their carelessness and google allows it to be posted in there help forum.

    • admin says:


      I can understand you are upset.
      We have all suffered from googles random quiet changes.
      I have made over twice as many posts on the forum as any one else in the past two years helping fellow small businesses.
      Remember your forum posts are indexed.
      I provide a private service for those who wish to use it.
      In what way am I ‘extorting money’.
      I provide the same free advice on the forums as for private clients.
      We live in a free market.

      Best Wishes. Andrew.


    Hi Andrewm,

    If I make a donation can you help me get my google places up and running from a pending status?

    • admin says:

      Hi Daniel,

      If you donate 30 pounds I will do a review of the entry. In simple cases that can be enough to sort the issue out.

      I will need to see the actual entry content.

      Cheers. Andrew.

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