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Oct 10 2011

An entry in the Google Places for Business directory enables you to get a Places search result listing. Now Google+ (Plus) Local.

Google Places replaced the Google Local Business Centre in 2010.

Google+ Local replaced the Places Page in May 2012.

You can find Google Places Help in the Google Product Forums – Google and Your Business where I post as SQLPerformance.

Go to the Help Articles there for advice and support with problems such as no mail at your location to receive the PIN verification post card.

An entry in Google Places, after verification by post card or phone, gives you an ‘Owner Verified’ entry in Google’s Places search result listings, now Google+ Local.  Helping to validate your search listing.  However this is only treated as one of many feeds by google and they are liable to over-write your data with your own from other Web Directory entries or alarmingly another business.

Also you can now review businesses using the red Review button on a Places Google+ Local page.

To create a Google Places entry I would create a new non-gmail email account.  Google have waves of Rejection, Pending Being Reviewed and Suspended across many listings in their anti-spam campaigns and you may need to start again.  Also by having a dedicated email you can safely share the account with an advisor to mange or trouble shoot it.

I do the support for a Google Places Entry Blueprint ebook giving you a step by step guide to setting up an optimized Google Places entry:

There is an Affiliate Program you can join.  The ebook consolidates my knowledge of Google Places gained from being the most prolific poster to the Google Places Help forum for nearly two years.  10,000+ posts in the previous version of the forum.

We offer a generous 50% commission to our first level affiliates to promote the wide sale of the Blueprint.  Included is 15 minutes consultation to help with setting up your Google Places listing , problems with verification or tuning the categories after being live for a month.

Here is a video from a consultancy client and now ebook marketing affiliate:

And you can join our Affiliate Program to sell the Blueprint to your contacts:

Google provide advice here on making a website with an Affiliate Program in it perform well.

A new service is provided by Yext PowerListings to update Web Directories with matching data to your Google Places Entry.

Yexts second product is their PowerListings which from one dashboard allow you to update over 30 web directories with consistent data.  Where this data matches your Google Maps blended search result listing it will add a citation to the ranking algorithms determination of the Places Listing at search time.

You can buy the Yext PowerListings here:

The service is provided for one year and in addition to keeping your data consistent with Google Places it allows you to quickly add offers.

I offer a free hour of Google Places consultancy for a Yext PowerListing purchased here.  Useful to get your Places data to conform to the Business Guidelines and for tuning of the Places Categories before you make a PowerListing.

I provide professional support of your Google Places entry. Account management, optimisation, problem resolution and lots more:

Good luck with your Google Places entry:

Your Google Places entry shows in Maps:  If you show in Google Maps but not in Google Places blended search result you might be being quietly Rejected at search time and I do an offer in my website for help with this and Pending Being Reviewed problems.

To start in Google Places:

Search on ‘Google Places for Business':

And make your entry here:

Introduction to Google Places here:

Cheers. Andrew.



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