Google Places Spam

Feb 09 2012

If you have a Google Places entry with Spam in it then you may not appear in a search result or have the entry go into Pending Review.

Google are tightening up on Categories being added to the actual business name on top of the tighter check on added location names.

If you have spam of various sorts in the Description it can de-rank you in the search results or for serial spam you may not show in the search results at all.

Adding your business name or location names to the Categories is not allowed.  Do not add any brand names unless they are in the default list as you type in like car brands.

You can add brands into the Additional Details.  Be careful what you put in here, do not repeat significant content from above in the entry.  These fields do not show but are supposed to be taken into account at search time.

I do the technical support for a ebook which guides you in making a good Places entry:

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