Google Places Expert Professional Support does exist

Feb 05 2012

As an expert IT database professional with 2 years posting on the Google Places Help Forum I am able to provide Google Places expert professional support.

I worked in IT for 28 years of which 24 were as a freelance consultant.

Three of us did double maths A-level and our teacher sent us on a 1 week Fortran course at Loughborough University.

I used the first IBM 360 mainframe in the UK at the University of Birmingham and taught myself IBM Fortran 70, being the first undergraduate to knock on the support teams door.

I designed the first SQL DS production database in the UK for a aerospace company and there was relief all round when it ran in 8 hours compared to the old systems 32 hours.  Other users of the old Honeywell package had migrated to IBMs MAPPICS and had to go back to Honeywell for performance issues.  Also SQL DS was a private project IBM project written in COBOL and C-ISAM files and was dead slow.  I used a dot-matrix pre-print of IBMs SDM methodology.

At SPAR I had the terminal from the first multi-processor SUN SPARC in Europe on my desk and I implemented a multi-server Progress warehouse management project.  It took me 2 weeks to tune the overnight run to run over-night.  Programmers came and asked me why there were statements saying ‘If False =True then Read File-X’.


To help you more with making a good Places entry to appear well in a blended Maps search result we sell an ebook with 15 minutes free consultancy support

In the USA where there are many web directories which are scraped by Google a Yext PowerListing updates over more than 30 of the most popular directories.  Google are looking for consistent data on the web to ‘validate’ your own Places entry.  Also you can make offers easily throughout the years subscription, some thing too time consuming to do otherwise.

If you buy the Yext Power Listing here I will add 1 hours Google Places expert consultancy support.

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