From the Google Places Help Forum 2/5/12

Feb 07 2012

Here we see the two sides of a search listing, one scraped by Google for you and one derived from a Places entry.

For the first you just need to to set up a good set of web directory data and Google will scrape a hassle free entry for you.

The other where you make a Places entry in the naive belief that Google will trust your own Owner Verified data.  Well they still scrape that web directory data over it if they think its more up to date (read different).

You can always give up the struggle with a Places entry and all those Suspended accounts, quiet Purgatory with no statistics, Pending Review entries or quiet Rejection and of course ‘Duplicate’ scrapes by the ever helpful Google.  Delete your Places entry from showing in Maps and leave it all up to Google.

There are benefits from a well set up Places entry and the ebook I do the technical support for guides you step by step through making a Places entry.  And included in the price is a consultancy session with me to help with the set up or help with any issues you may face.

Either way good luck.



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